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National Wife Carrying Championship 2015

wife carrying

WifeCarrying (Bangla:bouKadheDour; Finnish: eukonkanto or akankanto, Estonian: naisekandmine, Swedish: kärringkånk) is a competition in which male competitors chase while each moving a female partner. The purpose is for the male to bear the female through a particular impediment trail in the greatest time. The game was first introduced at Sonkajärvi, Finland. numerous types of bear may be practiced: attached, fireman’s carry (over […]

Windows 10 fastest growing computer operating system ever

Windows 10

Companies worldwide love Windows 10, the latest operating system from Microsoft. This result come forward when a survey conducted by Adaptiva, a market research firm.Now many companies have Windows 8 passed over, the company now throw themselves on the latest addition to Microsoft’s operating system family. This shows a statistic of Adaptiva, a supplier of […]

Internet users in Bangladesh is increasing day by day

internet users in bangladesh

Internet users in Bangladesh is about 60 million, in accordance with the latest figures by the telecoms watchdog. At the end of March this year internet users was 61.28 million, increase from 58.3 million in February and 56.16 million in January, says Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC). During a period of one year since March […]

Yahoo and Google joint venture Internet search and advertising…

google yahoo joint venture

Yahoo is leaning on Google’s capability in Internet search and advertising in its latest attempt to increase its income. The anticipated three-year joint venture was declared Tuesday after releasing its third-quarter results. The results represented the latest in a long progression of unsatisfactory acts for Yahoo, with the company’s net profits decreasing 8 percent from the […]

UC Browser Introduces Bangla version


The Bangla edition of UC Browser,  one of the largest browser in the world was launched yesterday during a press conference at a city hotel. UC Browser   at present enjoys approximately 19.97 per cent market share of the browser market worldwide declared the releasing of the Bangla edition during the historic month of language movement. UC Browser […]

rapper 50 Cent faulted an air terminal janitor for being on prescriptions


Curtis James Jackson III, known as rapper 50 Cent, faulted an air terminal janitor for being on prescriptions since he wouldn’t respond to him in a video posted Sunday on Instagram. 50 Cent showed up Saturday at the Eastgate Jungle Jim’s International Market to progress Effen Vodka. The video, which has resulting to been removed from Jackson’s […]

1666 Amsterdam a different tested game play


Assassin’s Creed co-maker Patrice Désilets has uncovered footage from his unfinished undertaking 1666 Amsterdam after as of late procuring the rights to the diversion from Ubisoft. Well known & distinguished YouTuber Brandon Sheffield caught this off screen video footage from Désilets’ show at the Reboot Develop Conference in Croatia. As indicated by Sheffield, this footage is […] © 2015-2016 All rights reserved. Best Cloud Hosting Provider in Bangladesh